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Boat Insurance

from United Insurance Agency

A day, weekend, or more, on the water should be relaxing and enjoyable. As your insurance agency, we will work to manage any issues that may arise in your boating adventure. At United Insurance Agency, Inc., we will work with you to find the best boat and watercraft policy to fit your budget. Let our dedicated agents do the leg work while you enjoy your time on the water.

What kind of coverage do you need for your watercraft?

A policy outside of your homeowners insurance is required for larger, faster boats - canoes and boats that do not travel faster than 25 miles per hour are generally covered by your homeowners policy.

The type of coverage that is just right for you depends on the following factors: size, type, and value of the watercraft; the water you travel on. A helpful United Insurance agent will work with you to find the right policy for your boat or watercraft.

Physical loss or damage to the hull, furnishings, machinery, fittings, and anything that is permanently attached to the watercraft, is covered by an Actual Cash Value or an Agreed Amount Value policy.

Actual Cash Value policies cover the cost, less depreciation, of the damaged or destroyed part of your watercraft. If your boat or watercraft is a total loss, used watercraft prices will apply to your claim.

Agreed Amount Value policies allow for you and your insurance provider to agree on the valuation of your boat or watercraft, and in a total loss, that value will be paid by your insurer. These policies will also replace old items with new in the event of a total loss.

What else will your boat insurance cover?

Aside from physical damage, your boat and watercraft policies will also cover:

Bodily Injury that requires medical attention, caused by you.

Property Damage caused by you.

Guest Passenger Liability - when you allow someone else to drive your boat or watercraft, they will be covered.

Medical Injuries incurred by the driver or passengers of your boat or watercraft.

Theft - if your boat is stolen, you are covered.

Keep in mind …

As a boater, you may have specialty equipment on your boat, like fishing rods. Check with us, your United Insurance agents, to make sure that these specialty items are covered by your policies. We also offer special protection policies that cover uninsured/underinsured watercraft bodily injury liability, fuel spill and wreckage liability, personal effects coverage, unattached equipment coverage and emergency assistance. Leave nothing to chance - ask us about the coverage that is best for you and your watercraft!

You should also make sure that you are covered in the area of the water you are traveling. Some coverage can take you up to 75 miles off the U.S. coastline, while more protection can be purchased. If you are unsure of your coverage in a particular location, contact your local United Insurance agent today - we have answers!

Want to find out more about your Boat Insurance options?

Get a Boat quote And start saving money today!

We can find discounts on boat insurance you may not find on your own. Give us a call, or get a boat insurance quote online today.

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