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Commercial Auto Insurance

from United Insurance Agency

Commercial auto insurance is an important investment for you business. This policy will protect the vehicles your employees drive for your business, as well as any damage that may occur while someone is driving a vehicle associated with your company. Each automobile on your policy can be covered to match its daily use. Big trucks that may carry larger risks should naturally have more protection than a vehicle that sees less daily use.

There are a lot of questions to consider, and the helpful, dedicated and knowledgeable agents of United Insurance Agency, Inc., will help you figure out which coverage is best for all of your commercial auto needs.

Do you have to purchase a policy for your commercial autos?

While an individual’s auto policy can cover a vehicle that is driven for business reasons, the auto policy will not cover any costs your business may face as a result of the accident. A commercial auto policy is the best way to insure that your employees, and the general public, remain safe and covered.

You can purchase coverage for vehicles your company owns; all vehicles your company owns, leases or hires; and all vehicles your business uses, including those you don’t own, hire or lease. Typically, the best policy for businesses covers all vehicles used by a business, regardless of ownership.

What is the best policy for your commercial vehicles?

Just as in personal insurance, your commercial vehicles must have a liability policy as minimal coverage. Property and bodily injury liability policies cover damages caused by one of your drivers up to the policy limits. Oftentimes, we recommend $1,000,000 in coverage for a small business’s commercial vehicle policies, with a $500,000 minimum.

You may also opt for physical damage coverage for your business vehicles, but if your business employs a large fleet of vehicles, it may be more fiscally responsible to pay for damages to your vehicle as they occur rather than cover each vehicle with a physical damage policy.

Remember your liability.

Whatever policy you choose to fit your needs, remember that you are responsible for the drivers behind the wheel of your commercial automobiles. Be sure to take the time to vet your drivers and their ability to confidently drive for your company.

You have worked hard to build your business, so take the time to insure your vehicles and employees. The right policy can mean the difference between an unfortunate accident and closing your doors for good. A United Insurance agent is available to work with you to find the best policy to fit your business needs.

Want to find out more about your Business Insurance options?

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El Dorado Commercial Auto insurance

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